Darryl East

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About Me

Darryl J. East (hereinafter referred to as "me", "myself" and/or "I"), is a freelance web designer/developer from Cleveland, Ohio with over to a decade of professional experience working on both small and large projects. With a sharp eye for detail and the understanding on how to interact with a client, makes me not only a good trench man to get things done, but also a person who can sit and pull that design out of the clients head. I have the ability to balance the priorities of the company's needs and wants, and have successfully worked on projects from local businesses to international corporations like Diebold and Cleveland Clinic just to name a couple.

My Portfolio

Here you can view a few examples of my work.

Great Lakes Junior Gold Tour
Kaleb East Portfolio
Pipeline to God

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Whether you are ready to get started or not sure how to to translate your needs from an idea to a functional web presence, drop me a line. From large to small projects, my services are here for you.